Papa Hambone

Welcome to the world of Hambone!

The mission of this website is to make available some of the writings and hopefully sound recordings of George Vukelich. George was an outdoor writer, story teller, novelist, poet, essayist, radio announcer and jazz DJ. His career spanned from the mid 1950s until his death in 1995, and there is a little bit of everything represented in the pages of this website. And the site will continue to grow, so check in to check out the new items.

A more detailed biography will be added soon. But you will be able to learn about George Vukelich just by reading his columns and articles.

The website is a labor of love, and we hope that you enjoy exploring. Wander around a bit, and soak in the scenery. As George and his son used to say to each other, “no mile is a wasted mile.”

Featured Recent Addition

Spring in the north country…

WTT NCN Spring 1963-1